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Mon.-Fri.: 11AM-6PM Sat.: 11AM-2PM Sun & Statutory Holidays: CLOSED

Camera Repairs Vancouver

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Camera Repairs Vancouver – contact CAMTEX Group. We’ve been doing camera repairs in Vancouver since 1979.

Contact CAMTEX for camera repairs in Vancouver. Camtex Camera Repair Service is one of the oldest and most reputable independent photo, video and digital camera repair centers in North America. We’ve been offering camera repairs to professional and amateur photographers 1979.

We do the following camera repair services:

35mm Camera Repair:

  • Repair and/or service of camera components i.e. transport mechanisms, shutter unit, light meter system.
  • Shutter speed adjustment.
  • Cleaning and/or service view finder unit.
  • Replacement of the light seals and/or mirror cushion.

Medium format + Large format Camera repair:

  • Repair and service bellows, body frames, film magazine.
  • Repair and service lens shutter and aperture mechanism.
  • Cleaning internal optics from natural dust and stain.
  • Recovery optical elements from most kinds of fungus.

DSLR Camera Repair:

  • Service and repair mechanic and electronic units i.e. Mirror housing, shutter unit.
  • Repair or replacement of electronic parts of camera.
  • Transfer or update internal camera data.
  • Firmware update.
  • Cleaning, calibration and adjustment.
  • CMOS sensor service:
    • Level 1: cleaning from natural dirt and substance.
    • Level 2: recovery and cleaning tampered with sensors.
    • Level 3: Replacement scratched or broken sensor.

Digital Camera Repair:

  • Service and/or repair mechanical and electronic units i.e. optical unit and its components.
  • Replacement LCD, PCB, housing elements etc.
  • CMOS sensor cleaning or replacement service.

Lens Repair and Cleaning:

  • Repair or replacement electronic and mechanical parts.
  • Repair or replacement Image Stabilizer system.
  • Cleaning internal optics.
  • Recovery optical components from fungus, rust and stain.
  • Focus calibration.

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